In this quick tip, you’ll learn how to make your pre­sen­ta­tion include the fol­low­ing in one Pow­er­Point file:

  • On screen pre­sen­ter sup­port slides
  • Talk­ing points for the speaker to see while on stage
  • Printed hand­out

On screen slides

This one is pretty self-explana­tory. How­ever, one thing to note is that, if a pre­sen­ta­tion does have a leave-behind, this file struc­ture will allow for much cleaner slides for those pre­sen­ters who are afraid to do so.

Speaker Notes and the Notes Page

This is where it starts to get tricky. Any­thing that you put in your speaker notes under the slide auto­mat­i­cally pop­u­lates on the notes page. How­ever, if you delete what shows up on the notes page, think­ing you’re just clear­ing it to make room for hand­out infor­ma­tion, you lose all of your speaker notes.

Con­versely, if you add your hand­out infor­ma­tion to the body text box on the notes page, that will show up in plain text for­mat in your speaker notes.

To solve for this, we will move some things around on the Notes Mas­ter. Instead of delet­ing the body text box, put it on the paste­board. Make sure you add a short brightly col­ored warn­ing to nei­ther move nor delete that box. Then, exit out of the Notes Master.

At that point, you can cus­tomize your leave-behind infor­ma­tion on the notes pages. Is it com­pletely fool-proof? No, but with a lit­tle train­ing, you can have a very ele­gant look­ing 3 in 1 deck.

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