Our Process

Design­ers are prob­lem solvers first and artists sec­ond. If a per­son is not detail-ori­ented or an ana­lyt­i­cal thinker, you’re they aren’t going to be an effec­tive designer. The Pre­sen­ta­tion Work­shop was started to help those who are con­sid­er­ing a design career. Whether you’re in high school, col­lege, or con­sid­er­ing a change in career, we’re here to help! Our pri­mary goal is edu­ca­tion — from 15 sec­ond tips and tricks to cre­at­ing case stud­ies and design processes. Our client projects result in lessons for those who are inter­ested in learn­ing the ins and outs of being an effec­tive designer.

Our Process


Every project begins with a ques­tion­naire. This allows me to gain an under­stand­ing of your project and ulti­mate goals. I take each inquiry into care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion: How pas­sion­ate you are about the project? Do you have a clear under­stand­ing of your goals? Do you show an inter­est in work­ing with me, in particular?


Estab­lish­ing Trust and Roles

It’s impor­tant that you and I have a mutual trust and well-defined roles. You should feel con­fi­dent in my abil­ity cre­ate a prod­uct that meets your require­ments. Like­wise, I should feel con­fi­dent that the you will pro­vide those requirements.

You, my client, have a clear under­stand­ing of your mar­ket­place and tar­get audi­ence. So you should be will­ing and able to pro­vide goals and con­tent for the project. It is my job to take the goals we have estab­lished and deliver an impact­ful solution.


Estab­lish­ing goals is cru­cial to deliv­er­ing a solid final prod­uct. This is a thor­ough dis­cus­sion and cov­ers the infor­ma­tion nec­es­sary to com­plete the project.

Open Dis­cus­sions

The goal of each project is to pro­vide you value. Because of this, we need to have hon­est and upfront con­ver­sa­tions about the project. Hes­i­ta­tion to request clar­i­fi­ca­tion or ask ques­tions could result in mis­un­der­stood or unde­fined goals.


Through­out the con­sul­ta­tion, the pri­mary focus is not money. the focus is on my under­stand­ing of what the project com­plex­ity and require­ments are. Gen­er­ally, we can deter­mine an ini­tial quote from the ques­tion­naire. How­ever, fur­ther con­sul­ta­tion may be required.

Pro­posal and Agreement

At this point, I will write up a pro­posal with project out­lines, cost, and terms. Once I have your approval, a 50% down pay­ment is required before I begin.

Design Process

Research and Sit-downs

Dur­ing this phase of the process, we sit down and talk in detail about the story you’re try­ing to tell. We dis­cuss your tar­get audi­ence and why your prod­uct should mat­ter to them. Any ini­tial thoughts I may have on how to effi­ciently reach your goals will be cov­ered dur­ing this meeting.

Sketch­ing & Development

Sketch­ing allows me to shape your story quickly. This part of the process is a dis­cov­ery phase we explore ideas and gain a deeper under­stand­ing of the sub­ject matter.

Once sketch­ing is com­plete, MORE TEXT NEEDED

Final Review and Adjustments

The final con­cept is reviewed and I’ll com­plete any needed adjust­ments dur­ing this process.

Delivery & Follow-up

Once the final invoice has been paid, I’ll send the deliv­er­ables to you.

After deliv­ery, I’ll answer any ques­tions you have about using the deliv­er­ables. Also, we can dis­cuss any fur­ther needs you may have.

I like to get feed­back from you! I want to know how things went so I can con­tinue to improve my process.

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